Ready 4 the Market was created through an increased demand for expertise in the marketing and sales area.
In today's global economy, the competition from companies outside our borders increases rapidly.
This offers a lot of both - advantages and disadvantages.
Shall we look for opportunities and threats together?


Design logos and corporate identities
Texts for websites, brochures, direct mailings and other.
Proactive acquisition activities including reporting
Tailor-made plans, advice and execution
Professional sales activities such cold calling and customer visits



During the first interview we explain the client which services we offer en our work method. Together we fill in an inventory form, so we can determine the specific client situation.
We analyze the current client base by industry and examine which products and services are offered to them. Next, we look at the clients with whom business was done in the past and look if there are any opportunities. This is a quick way of generating revenue. We take laws and regulations into consideration that may have positive effects for the company. For example environmental subsidies and other opportunities.

Then the requirements are identified. It may be necessary to further investigate operating conditions. What requirements the solution must offer? Perhaps your organization all has been scanned. If not, we would like to do this together with you.

Action Plan

Based on the results of the first interview we draw up an action Plan. The scope of the project will also be defined. This based on the first interview, by consulting all concerned, including experts and by collecting and studying documentation that may be important for the project. The Plan includes the following elements:

Backgrounds. Where (which area) does the project take place?
Project assignment. Why are we doing the project and what is the end product?
Project activities. What should we do to the results?
Project Limits: What do we do and what not?
Products: What are the intermediates?
Quality: How do we ensure the quality of (intermediate) products, the process and end product?
Project: Who does it and how we work together?
Schedule: When does who do what?
Costs and Benefits: What does the project and what are the benefits?
Risks: What can be bottlenecks/ risks? Here we distinguish internal risks. and external risks.

Implementation Plan

Ready 4 the Market would like to know which aspects of the selection process are important. So we can give the right advice . For example; think of a ‘do-not-call-me register’ and other laws and regulations.

The Project LogFile: here all matters which have to do with the organization and managing the project are registered. These are temporary documents.

These are documents like:

The (draft) plan.
Project assignment.
Progress reports and time reporting.

The File System: these are all matters to do with the information content of the project. They are directly related to the project objectives and project results.

These are documents like:

Reports of interviews.
Output documentation as old reports.
Substantive advice.
Created designs, schedules and reports.


Ready 4 the Market work thoroughly in realizing a job, because it is very important to have satisfied clients and receive positive references from completed projects. This is the easiest way to get new customers. Also, can an existing satisfied customer will certainly call up on us for more work. In this stage, it is also revealed if the work was done thoroughly enough during the Intake, Action Plan and during the writing of the implementation plan. This phase is an interim measurement stage.

Then further identified actions can be completed are turned off and there is frequent contact with the client on progress and actions required by the customer.

audit (evaluation)

To make a big difference with our competition Ready 4 the Market does a free audit, to follow up of the actions and project have resulted satisfactory. We will make a report of the audit and determine if there is room for improvement. At this stage the first customer satisfaction will be tested and we will critically examine our own performance. Chances are that the customer is happy, but we still offer this service to our clients for continuous improvement. Ultimately, the idea is that we can look back with satisfaction on the efforts made.